Build an Investment Teaser

What is a Teaser?

An Investment Teaser is a one- or two-page professional document that is used to introduce an acquisition or investment opportunity to strategic or financial buyers. The teaser is the most important document in a transaction process as it is the first document that prospective buyers look at before proceeding with a deal. Teasers are typically prepared “blind” (i.e. no-name basis) to maintain the confidentiality of the Company.

An effective Investment Teaser must include the following:

  • Investment Highlights: These include three to five points that outline the Unique Selling Points (USP) of the investment or acquisition opportunity. Examples of investment highlights could be: market leadership, ownership of proprietary technology, significant revenue growth, strong alliances and/or partnerships, an extensive sales network, superior production capabilities, experienced management team, etc.
  • Company Overview: A brief description of the geographical regions and the competitive landscape in which the Company operates in. A company description should also be provided to give potential buyers a better understanding of the Company. It is critical that the company information is not directly copied from the company’s website. Doing so may easily allow potential buyers to identify the Company through online search results.
  • Customers Overview: If possible, major customer names should be included to build credibility for the Company.
  • Deal Information: Details on the type of transaction should be indicated (strategic partnership, full sale, partial sale, buyout, etc.)
  • Product and/or Sales Mix: A list of the main products/services offered and the revenue generated from each one.
  • Financial Summary: A financial summary of historical financial figures (EBITDA, Revenue, Profit Margin, etc.) and forecasted figures. At least two years of historical data in conjunction with at least two years of projected financial figures should be included.

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